Yoga is a form of bringing one to the present moment and a great technique to support students mental and physical well-being, especially during times of increased academic pressure. Yoga is accessible for all, at any age and a great way to support both staff and students well-being on many levels.

Why would students and staff benefit from Yoga? Here are just a few reasons:

*Increase flexibility, balance, strength and great for those students who would benefit from movement, relaxation/meditation.

*Support other physical activities such as Football, Dance, Running etc as Yoga helps increase flexibility, strength, tone and great for cardio and circulatory health to name a few things.

*Promoting body positivism, improve communication especially in a day and age where social media heavily influences the younger generation.

*Improve mental well-being, helping relieve anxiety, promoting breathing techniques, relieve stress and examination pressure. Supporting students with low self-esteem and boost confidence.

It is a time for students and staff to detach from their routine and social media, to embrace the present moment, explore key poses, positively enhance their well-being, help calm the mind and nourish the body without judgement, a time to just ‘be.’

As a former Assistant Headteacher and 17 years of secondary school teaching experience, I often included relaxation/meditation techniques to support students learning and well-being, especially during my time as Head of Religious Studies. The Yoga sessions can be tailored to your staff/students needs, from a range of body movement, relaxation, dance yoga, games and more.

I have led various staff training sessions during my school teaching career, and the ones I enjoyed the most were the ones where I was able to support colleagues by ending the session with relaxation/guided meditation. I enjoy teaching Yoga to support professionals through their journey with a key understanding of school life.

Challo and do Yoga in school!